MARKZA is a national industry of 3D wall coverings. In 2014, in the city of Cascavel-PR, it started its activities in the production of high and low relief (3D) coverings in plastic resin, innovating the concept of raw material use and, thus, becoming a reference in the architecture and interior decoration with exclusive designs and finishes. 3D COVERINGS in plastic resin are commonly known as 3D panels, 3D PVC coverings or 3D plastic coverings. 3D plates made of plastic resin are lighter than concrete, porcelain, plaster or ceramic coverings, which makes both transport and application much easier.


Our models are endowed with an exclusive design and hold industrial design registration.

We use high-strength plastic resin (Polymer Blender) as raw material, through the plastic injection production process, which allows for greater wall thickness in the piece, making it altogether more resistant. So, it doesn’t get dented when pressed, unlike the Vaccum Forming process currently used for the production of PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) coverings.

We offer pieces with an exclusive finishing of mica from semi-lost natural stones and as well factory-painted pieces. We boast over 20 color options with satin or metallic automotive paint finishes.

Pieces produced in plastic resin are lighter than concrete or ceramic coverings, which renders both transport and application far easier.

Coverings can be applied to the most diverse types of surfaces, such as: Drywall, ACM, ceramics, wood, concrete, bricks, plaster and many other surfaces free of moisture and dust.
The laying of the pieces with dry joints avoids the use of grouting between them.

The application is simple, clean, fast and economical, as it only needs glue. We recommend Cascola PL600 glue with applicator tip or contact glue (shoemaker’s).

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